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Voice Speedometer Full Version

1 usd

The talking speedometer uses GPS to calculate your speed.The female voice reads your speed every 5 or every 10 units (kmph or mph)You can set the speed limit alarm sound from your ringtones.THE GPS MUST BE ENABLED ON YOUR DEVICE !!! SWITCH IT ON FIRST IF IT IS NOT RUNNING!
There are 3 language versions of voice: english, polish and russian.Just listen to the reader.Keep your speed!Look forward!And drive safely.
If your car/bike/whatever is faster than the selected treshold the alarm is activated.You can determine speed alarm limits. Finally you can select tones from your device for all speed alarm tresholds.For example when your vehicle reaches 50 km/h you can set your ringtone morning alarm.
Remember to enable GPS module!Have a nice drive and don't look at speedometer...listen it,